Terms of delivery
and payment

Bank details

Deutsche Bank Saar
IBAN-Nr.: DE 61 590 700 70 0 06 356 56 00

Bank 1 Saar
IBAN-Nr.: DE 44 591 900 00 0 115 428 004

We also accept payments via Mastercard and Visa.


Please call phone number +49 681 85 15 50 or fax +49 681 85 54 39.

Our business hours are monday to thursday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm and friday from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.


We supply as long as we are not out of stock. We reserve the right to make partial or subsequent deliveries if not all items are at our disposal.


When shipping to

  • a domestic shipping address, we charge the VAT valid at the time of delivery.
  • a foreign shipping address (EU country), we also collect the legal VAT, unless the buyer has a VAT identification number, here the VAT is not applicable.
  • a foreign address (no EU country) we do not charge VAT.

Directive for the prices is the last published price list; the appearance of a new price list overrides the previous one. We reserve the right to change individual prices without prior notice to the buyer. Due to the constant fluctuations in international currencies, we must make use of this option.

The shipping is by post, UPS, train or freight forwarder. The buyer bears the costs and risks of the transport. In principle, shipping is uninsured and unfree. In the case of an agreed delivery on credit to the purchaser, the conclusion of the purchase agreement shall be subject to the extended and extended retention of title as agreed with the seller. Ownership of the purchased goods shall be transferred to the purchaser only upon complete payment of the purchase price, even for possible untimely preceding deliveries. When the purchased item is being worked or processed, the seller acquires co-ownership of the item for which the purchased item was used. It is only with the payment of the purchase price and the cost of the consignment that this right of the seller expires.

Purchase agreements

Sales contracts are concluded under German law. The place of performance for payment and delivery is SAARBRÜCKEN, as is the jurisdiction for disputes.

Minimum quantities

We do not require minimum quantities. In the case of delivery of COD, we charge the free shipping charges plus transfer costs of the money transfer and the VAT incurred.


Notification of defects must be reported to the seller immediately, at the latest 48 hours after receipt of the goods. The seller reserves the right to make a replacement delivery or to withdraw from the purchase contract.

Return of goods

Return of ordered or duly delivered goods can only take place if this was previously agreed with the seller. A copy of the invoice has to be with the return. The costs of the return shipment are to be borne by the buyer. Electrical parts can not be returned.


Prices are in EURO, we reserve the right to alter any price changes. Each offer is free of charge, with the reservation to sell it to another side in the meantime.

The prices marked with a * in the price list are sales prices for resellers, export customers (outside the EU) and export customers (within the EU) who have a VAT identification number. Please specify this when ordering.

The prices marked with ** in the price list are sales prices for the final consumer within the EU and include 19% VAT.