Owing to our worldwide contacts we are always informed about cars which are for sale. We can advise you professionally in buying such a kind of car and we guarantee integrity and would be pleased in helping you in historical research.

We are very spezialized in the models Porsche 356 Carrera, Porsche 550 / 718  and 904.

In the last five years we are proud that we have sold the following cars with Carrera engine:

  • 42 x 356 Carrera GS
  • 38 x 356 Carrera GT
  • 8 x 550 Spyder
  • 8 x 904 GTS
  • 5 x 718 Spyder
  • 2 x Carrera Abarth

and many more…

If you have any questions, please give us a call. We look forward to your inquiry.