Here you’ll find new items, that we now have in stock, more to come all the time

5208g, generator stand for engine type 547, 692 and 587/2 and 3

5023, 90 degree V drive, late version, complete for engine 692 and 587/1 and 2

4507e, pre heater can pair for carburator, left and right, engine typ 692/587

4507c, upper cylinder corner set, 8 pieces, engine 587/1

3106 – 3112, wiper crank and additional parts for 356 B T6/C

3800b, cylinderhead, engine type 692

6412a, locking piece for shifting, 356 B T6/C

4507b, upper cylinder corner set, 8 pieces, engine 547/692

3800a, cylinder head with valve covers but without guides or seats, engine type 547

1919a, hub set, front and rear for 356 Rudge wheels

5504aa, differential housing with cover, reinforced best quality!!!

5825 – 5831, rear stabilisator parts for Super 90 and Carrera

2725, oiltemperature gauge, Störk, 6 or 12 Volt

page 34, misc parts for sunroof

3929d, gear for oilpump, complete with hardware, engine typ 692/587 plain bearing version

4414k, isolation kit for engine compartment, only 356 B T6/C Karmann Coupe…not notchback

5832, rear stabilisator, 356 Super 90 and Carrera

0723aa and 0726a, door opener and proper escutcheon, 356 Pre – 356 A T1

3800c, d and da, plugs and o-ring for 4-cam cylinder head

4623, T rubber distributor set, left and right under dash 356 B T6/C

3703d, f and g, flywheel, clamping set, glant nut and security ring, engine type 692 and 587 plain bearing

4152aa, 356 oiltank for roller bearing engine type 547

5002a, clamp for distributor, engine type 692 and 587

6032a, rear brake drum, 356 A

6031b, front brake drum, 356 A

4000, oilpump for engine type 587

0311 and 0311a, 644 503 081 06, complete tail and CLP 503 081 06 repair panel, T6/C Coupe

3705a, shim for crankshaft, 2,80 – 3,10 mm, only for Super 90!

5405, central rubber mount for gearbox, early 356 B T5

5308g, clutch release cylinder, 550 and 718 Spyder

4519aa, repair lever for lower flapper box, 356 A – 356 C

4507, blower housing, complete with inlet ring, complete for engine 547

5007b, distributor cap for 4-cam engine, original Bakelit version

5635 and 5636, misc steering coupler parts

6207c and d, bracket for clutch cable housing, early and late version

3500ac, oiltube engine case, 16mm diameter

3929aa, countershaft plus gear for roller bearing engine type 547/692, Maß 104,98mm

3929, countershaft with gear, plain bearing type for engine 692/587

5016a, ignition wire set with correct connectors, ready to mount, concours quality!!

6007, master brake cylinder, 356 – 356 B with additional parts

6007b, master brake cylinder, complete for 356 B Carrera 2 with annular brakes

3500c, thru bolt screw set for 904 engine case, type 587/3

3500x, misc parts for cylinder head, type 692 and 587/1

3927a, shaft set, complete A – F, for engine 587

5306, clutch fork repair kit, type 741

4529, blower housing, 3 piece set, engine type 692/1 – 587

6522, 904 book from Barth/Albinet/Waigel

2512a and 5710, horn button and horn ring plus parts

5637, 5637a and 5637b, different “Flanbloc” rubber bushings for Porsche 904 – 917

4519c, lower box set, 4 pieces, engine 587/3 for 904 GTS

3813q, flywheel for engine 692/3A und 547/3

3813p, cam shaft for “Abarth GT”

3813n and 3813o, cam shaft for 356 Carrera “Reutter GT”

2410, 2216, cocomats, 4-piece set, like original, please specify year and color combination

3500bb and 3500bc, oil strainer for engine 692/587/1 and 2 plus 587/3

5023a, V-drive, complete for engine 587/3

3812x, special made valve cover gaskets for engine 547/692 and 587

4218, fuel regulator, 356 Carrera and Spyder

3007, Nürburgring badge

5208a, 5208b, 5210 and 5208bb, pulley kit for engine 547/692/587/2 and /3 plus for 587/1

3713b and c, lower pulley and screw for engine 692/587

5711d, mounting clamp for ZF steering box incl. lock tabs and nuts, 356 A T2 – 356 C

4001da, rubber insert for oil cooler housing, 356 B/C Carrera 2

5203, dust cover for 90 mm generator, all 356

6710a, screw set, chrome plated, 20 pieces for seat recliner, 356 – 356 A

0905 bl/br, 0905dl/dr, window rails plus parts for 356 B/C Coupe and Cabrio

3925a and 3925b, oiltube set for engine 547/692 and 587

3500e, piston set for oil pressure relief valve with springs etc, engine 692 und 587

4404a, throttle lever set, left and right for carburator Weber type 46/48

4311, cross shaft for engine type 616

0917cl and 0917cr, operation mechanism for rear vent window, left or right, 356 B/C Coupe

4311a – e, cross shaft plus bearings arms for Solex 40/44 or Weber 46/48 carburators

6201e, pushrod for master cylinder, all 356

3206b, glas reflector, K 1315 for Porsche 356 from 1952 – 1959

0716aa, upper bearing for front vent window, chrome plated, 356 B T6/C

0716a, 0716c, 0716d, 0716el and 0716er, misc parts for front vent window, 356 B/C

6901, 3009, touch up paint stick for 356 B/C, like in the old days

2504a, ashtray, chrome plated, 356 Pre A and 356 A T1

4602 – 4608, heater valve and related parts, 356 Pre A – 356 C

5607a and b, dust cover for brake drum, 356 – 356 B

4144, 4144a and b, engine breather plus additional parts for 356 Carrera 692/3 – 3A and 587/ 1 und 2

4145g and 4145f, “Argus” oilline connections M 30 x 1,5, Porsche 904 – 917

3813i, flywheel set (intake and exhaust) for cylinderhead 587

4308cc, gasket for intake manifold, only for Solex 40/44 and Weber 46/48 for 4-cam engine

“long block” in bits and pieces, engine 692, plain bearing type

5713 and 5713a, lower and upper bell joint, Porsche 904 GTS

5006b, point set for 4-cam engine

3800bc, cylinder head for engine type 587, complete with valve covers but without seats and guides

6007b, master brake cylinder for 356 B Carrera 2 with annular brakes only

6800c, new Carrera engine type 692, but 2 liter with 904 specifications

6121b, dual master cylinder kit, 356 C

5600f, g, h, i and j, adjusting parts for front torsion bar

3713b and c, lower pulley and screw for engine 692/587

4219, fuel pump, Autopulse 500, 6 Volt, redone, for 356 A Carrera und 550 RS Spyder

3927, shaft set, complete A – F, Motortyp 547/692

5504aa, differential housing with cover, reinforced version, 250 Brinell, for all 356

2000, complete softtop frame with rear wooden bow, 356 B/C Cabrio

6902, Porsche workshop towel

1507f, rear grille set for Porsche 718 RS 60/61

3500c, thru bolt screw set for 904 engine case, type 587/3

4507f, blower housing, complete for engine 547/1

4004ga, oil drain plug for Carrera engine case

5016b, ignition cable holder for engine type 692/587

3800a, cylinder head with valve covers but without guides or seats, engine type 547

5000, distributor, electronic version plus 5007d, 5007e and 5007f, 356 Carrera Typ 692 and 587

4144d, engine breather tube for engine type 547

4311, cross shaft for engine type 616

5624cl and 5624cr, suspension arm link, left or right, all 356

6118n and 6119n, caliper, front and rear, reproduktion, 356 C

1206q and 1206r, rear bumber guard, Europa version with hole for exhaust, chrome plated, 356 A T2

2211aa, 2211bb, 2211cc, “MD headliner”, correct holes and colour, Concours quality, 356 A – 356 C

6520o and 6520p, Vigot (356 A T1) and Bilstein (356 A T2 – 356 B T5) jack with lever

4904e, air collecting funnel and related parts, 356 B T6/C

3929e, countershaft gear for oilpump, 547 roller bearing type, complete with hardware

4111 and 4112, oilhoses and additional parts, engine type 616

2316a, complete railset for to use 356 Speedster/GT seat buckets in a 356 B T6/C

6007c, dual master cylinder conversion kit for all 356 with drum brakes

3703db, flywheel 200 mm for 356 4-cam engine with unguided release bearing

0725a, window crank with tan knob, 356 A T2

3812k and 3812l, cap nut and lock washers for Carrera valve covers

4507h, one piece fan housing, made in aluminium, for 550 Spyder workscar

3707da, crankshaft, better and lighter version, type 587

4602d und 4602e, heater valve, left or right plus additional parts, 356 Pre A

Fwd: 2726a, Motometer temperatur gauge inside/outside in Grad Celcius

3521k, piston/cylinderset for engine 547/6, 92 mm, stroke 66 mm

3100 and 3100a, wiper gearbox, complete with driving lever, 356 – 356 B T5

3410bb, strap for spare tire, only for Speedster

5003bb, distributor rotor with resistance ZV 2/5211 Z for all 356 Carrera

5621, 5622, 5623a/b/c, parts for the front stabilizer, 356 A – 356 C

5208h, generator stand (450 Watt version) plus additional parts for engine type 587/1

4529a, fan ring for 4-cam blower housing

1501b and 1501c, hood handle, chrome plated, 356 Pre A

3500aa, cover for crank case, latest 356/912 version, NOS

4507g, one piece fan housing for engine 547

5711xx, NOS steering box parts from ZF

3812ca, valve cover, vented version with screen, Porsche 356 with 60 and 75 hp

5203a, generator cover strap with vented louvers, fits early 356

5025c, driving cross-type disc for 30° V drive, 356 Carrera

1630d, VIN plate for 356 A/B/C, please specify modell

3810 und 3811, cylinder head nut, engine type 616

4205b, intermediate flange for early fuel pump plus related parts

0514c und 0514d, sound absorber in longitudinal, 356 B/C

4153b, 4153bb and 4218a, bracket for oilfilter and fuel regulator, 356 Carrera

5026, adapter for 30° V drive, for late engine case type 692/587

1628c and 1628d, Kunstharz- and Nitrolack badge, 356 – 356 A T1

2507a, VDM wood steering wheel, nice reproduction for 356 A and 550 Spyder, 400 mm

1903, 1903a und 1903aa, lug nuts for all 356

3312ae, “Beehive” lens, made of glas, clear, amber or red with SWF logo

3312ae, “Beehive” Gläser, klar, orange oder rot aus Glas mit SWF Logo

5001d, 5003c und 5007ab, misc parts for the distributor type 383

4309f, 8 sets of sleeves incl hardware for 4-cam manifold

3701ab, gland nut for Carrera flywheel for all roller bearing crankshafts

5537, intermediate plate, steel version, for 644 / 716 / 741 transmission

3500gl, engine case type 547, for all plain bearing crankshafts

0718a, garnish rail set, for left and right, made of wood, 356 A T2 – B GT